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Age Of Conan Races Classes

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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a massively multiplayer game. It is based on 75 years of storytelling through books, movies, art and music. It is a give with thousands of players wielding dark and superhuman powers. This game can compete with World of Warcraft. After 4 hard years of work. It is done.

Character Creation. - Age of Conan provides you with a way to create your persona/avatar. No other game can provide as much custimization and unique options as AoC. There are 3 races available. The Aquillonians, organized and they come from the jewel of the west Aquilonia. The Cimmerians, a barbarian race. The race of Conan himself and the last race, the Stygians. An ancient race of nomads and spellwielders.

Classes - The Classes are divided into four archetypes. Soldiers - Mages - Rogues - Priests. The priests are quite unique in AoC. Instead of being just a healer, they will throw lightning and stormcrowns. Take down entire groups of enemies. The Tempest of Set heals better by doing more damage. The Priest of Mitra does more damage by healing more. And then we have the Bear Shaman. A medium armor wearing, duel wielding and healing warrior.

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