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Age Of Mythology

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Age of Mythology (AoM), is a mythology (duh) computer game made by Ensemble Studios. And its pretty much Just about this guy named Arkantos trying to kill this weird-ass cyclops dude. And on the way to the cyclops dude he goes through challenges like brining down the wall of troy and stuff like that. (As you figured, this game isn't exactly what you would call accurate.)

Gameplay is like Age of Empires, gods view, and has some of the same characters, but its is, quite different. There are 4 god powers that you can only use once in the game (you get one god power each time you advange to the next age), Unless you use cheats, but that makes the game a lot less fun, and deteriorates you 1337 skillz (if you have any), and I would not recommend that because it just totally ruins the game.

All in all, I would recommend this game to anyone that can move a mouse and click the left and right mouse buttons. (Fingers ARE optional.)