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Agile Al 3000 Guitar:As Good As A Gibson?!?!

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By charlie yin on
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Music is a very subjective thing. Some people prefer jazz, some people prefer metal, and some people prefer good old fashioned rock and roll. There a certain guitars that can nail the perfect blues sound, that grity grunge sound, or that twangy country tone. However, there are also guitars that can easily nail all of those genres and more. Those guitars usually can cost an upwards of about $2000. Price does not determine quality though, the Agile AL-3000 weighs in at a shocking $350 yet plays just as good as it's $3000 counterparts. How does Agile get away with this? With the use of korean made parts and labor, the company successfully saves money while also not compromising the quality of it's stunning guitars. The AL-3000 is a Gibson Les Paul copy. If you played them side by side, the difference would virtually be none. There are flaws however to this seemingly perfect product. The strings came broken and I had to replace them. I also had to set up the guitar when I first recieved it because there was an awful lot of fret buzz. These problems are easily fixable though, and no guitars come close to beating the price.