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Ahhh, That Little Pink Pill

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bosoxy By bosoxy on
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I take very few OTC (over the counter) medications. Benadryl is one that I must carry with me at all times.

While I have had some mild allergies growing up and did have a food allergy that resulted in hives as a child, I developed threatening food allergies as an adult that landed me in the emergency room. No fun!

Food allergies are more difficult to diagnose and can be more of a hit or miss type thing, which can be pretty scary when the muscles in my throat start to tighten, so I carry Benadryl tablets with me. I would like to carry around the single serve liquid to get a faster and easier med administration, however that form comes in cherry flavored only and cherry flavoring is one of my allergies. Ack! The tablets seem to work pretty well though and I will be trying out the strips as soon as I can get my hands on them. They seem to sell out quite quickly, probably for the same reason that I want them, ease in portability.

The tablets are pretty portable, however, coming in the foil sealed packets that can be easily slipped into a pocket or a purse. The issue with them is that in an emergency there may not be any liquid available and it would be the most inopportune tine to get a pill stuck in my throat. (knock on wood) this has not happened to me.

It would be most likely that if I were to encounter a problem that it would be in a restaurant where I had unknowingly consumed something that I did not realize would be in a certain dish, so a drink would likely be handy. In a very mild case just one tablet might be enough. For something that was more severe, two would be necessary. If I catch it soon enough this is all that I need, at this point.

I am hopeful that I will not have to progress to stronger medications to control my food allergies. With precautions and the OTC Benadryl, I do fine. I hardly ever need the medication, but am thankful to have it, when needed.

With one Benadryl tablet, I do not feel sleepy but with two, especially at night, I may be in for an early retreat.

I also do occasionally give my dog Benadryl, as OK’d by his veterinarian. He has allergies as well, which has been mostly addressed with a change in diet, however a Benadryl during certain seasons helps to lessen his discomfort and gets him a better sleep. Please, however, consult your vet before giving a pet Benadryl as the dosing instructions are different than that of humans and an incorrect dose could have serious consequences.