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Ain't No Bugs On Me Fleas And Ticks Be Gone!

Reviewing: K 9 Advantix: Flea, Tick & Mosquitoe Advantix 10 Canine (Single Dose) 1 Month Supply  |  Rating:
By loraella on
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I have officially joined the ranks of the many dog owners who have to deal with those pesky fleas. I recently discovered that my little Yorkie had them. In the 4 years of his life we've never had a problem until we moved into our new place which had been vacant for months. I've larned so much since then.

I was surprised to discover that flea pupae (the stage before an adult flea) can lie dormant for months without having a host. As soon as it detects a warm-blooded animal it moves on to become an adult flea.

I'm amazed at the many products available to help treat this problem. As I'm sure many of you have done, I tried just about everything that was available over the counter. Some treatments didn't work at all, and some just weren't effective enough.

I finally decided to take my furry friend into the Vet. The bitting and scratching was out of control, and he had even begun to develop little red spots on his skin that resembled a rash....poor little thing.

The Vet at my local PetSmart Banfield recommended that I use K9 Advantix to help combat the problem. He said it was one of the best products available to consumers. I took his advice and purchased a one month supply to test it out. Of course he also made recommendations on how to treat my home, but that's another story....future reviews to come.

I wasn't real excited about the prospect of paying $14.95 for a one month dose. Compared to many other products available over-the-counter the cost is a bit high, but my little guy needed it.

The product is pretty easy to use. It's a topical solution applied to your dog's skin. Dose varies depending on the size of your dog. Your Vet will help you determine what the proper dose is. It's a prescription drug that's only available through a veterinarian or by a prescription from your vet.

K9 Advantix is effective for about 30 days and then you need to re-treat. It will continue to work after bathing or swimming. Within 12 hours of treating your dog it will kill 98-100% of fleas and ticks, and it will continue to kill any re-infesting ticks or fleas.

I have to say that it's one of the best pet product purchases I've made--although I wish we didn't have fleas at all. Within a day of treating my dog I could already tell the difference. Less scratching and bitting all around. I now regularly use K9 Advantix on my dog and we're much happier.

You can also buy Advantix in 4-month or 6-month supplies, which can be a cheaper alternative than purchasing 1 dose at a time. It's also available on-line, but you do need a prescription. If you prefer to purchase it directly from your Vet, see if they offer price matching. I know my local PetSmart Banfield does. If they do, I would suggest finding a good price online, printing it out, and taking it to your Vet to get the same great prices online.