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Air Freshener From Bath And Body Works

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klkwid By klkwid on
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This is part 3 in my series :) I have DOGS!! Big Dogs! They track in smells of, well, let's just say "different" nature. I love them to pieces, though-dirty, smelly pieces. Regular cleaning helps the scent they leave behind very much so, but you need an extra boost of fragrance sometimes. This tiny little spray bottle packs a PUNCH!

This spray is strictly a cover up scent, but that's fine, especially when you keep your house clean. This can only be found at Bath and Body Works, so you don't have to hunt for it-you won't find it elsewhere. It comes in a small 1.5 oz spray bottle that shoots in metered sprays so you use just the right amount every time. One or two little sprays does the whole room and the effect lasts for HOURS! You can leave the room and come back in an hour and it still smells like you JUST sprayed!

I don't usually buy something like this that seems like it would be kind of a rip off-you get a tiny bottle for a big price just because it comes from a specialty store. NOT the case here!! It's worth the $5!! I bought this spray because I LOVE the scent! I bought Pineapple Orchid-it's a deliciously fruity scent with just a hint of flower to it. Absoultely my favorite smell right now.

I have GOT to recommend you go out and buy this! It's well worth the money-one bottle will last you quite a while-I still have my original bottles from a few months ago. The only downside to this one is that is just a cover up-it doesn't kill any bacteria or make any claims other than making your house smell good. I don't know if you can believe the other products about killing bacteria anyway. This does it's job and then some-go get it!!