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Air Kong My Jack Loves Hers

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Our Jack Russel is a very stand offish lady and she only cuddles with people when she's really in the mood. The one thing she loves to do though is play and she'll play relentlessly for hours if we let her, although my husband is pretty good at tiring her out in no time flat. Her favorite toys are her Air KONGS. We purchased these tennis ball type toys for her over 3 years ago and they quickly became her favorite toys.

They are covered with a tennis ball type material which unfortunately our girl just had to get rid of immediately by pulling it off tuft by tuft and leaving us little presents of greenish yellow fluff all over the place. Once the covering was sufficiently destroyed, she was happy and would sit sometimes for an hour or two just depressing the balls with her mouth to hear the squeaky whistle inside emit noise. Oddly, her toys are the only things that get this type of treatment as she's never chewed on anything since we've had her. She'd shake the long cylinder toy in particular, over and over again and then make the squeaky sound vibrate. She thought it was great when we all laughed at her and she'd make the toy vibrate even more then.

She still loves these toys although today the squeaky part no longer squeaks, she somehow got that out only months after we bought them. Of all the toys she has, and she has dozens, these are her most favorite. She has them ripped open now but they are still very tough and unlike ordinary tennis balls they are made of a thicker rubber material which makes breaking them apart into little bits tough to do, even for her.

When we ask if she wants to play she still overlooks the brand new balls, Frisbees and squeaky toys and goes right to her old faithful Air KONG's. She loves playing 'tug of war' and often just likes messing with us in a 'catch me if you can' game. We just purchased the small round donut one again and she has that one almost naked now :) but it still hasn't become her favorite over the older ones.

Although the older ones aren't in wonderful shape, they're in the shape she seems to love and until she no longer shows any interest in them, we'll keep them around for her.

These are great products for any dog who loves chew toys and may be a bit rougher on them, but they're also great for any dog who just loves to have a fun toy to play with - these keep dogs easily amused for hours at a time and are well worth the money.