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Air Wick Odour Stop

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I have a bunny, guinea pig, cat and dog all living in my house, so to keep my house from smelling like a barn between litter cleanings I use many air fresheners/candles/oils etc. So far my new favorite is the Air Wick Odour Stop air freshener sprays with baking soda. One blast in the air and all you can smell for a couple of hours is this stuff, and it does travel. I sprayed it in the living room and could smell it upstairs in the bedroom, so it is quite strong, sometimes it is even a little too strong for me, I can't stay in the room I sprayed it in until the scent dies down a bit, but it does last. It doesn't mask the odour it eliminates them, is the claim on the bottle, I have to agree with this. I absolutely do not think anyone with scent sensitivities or asthma should use this air freshener at all! I don't have either of these problems, but I find I am going to choke after spraying a very little bit, one pump is all that is needed with this stuff.

I only use this occassionally, mainly before company comes over, or right after I do my serious house cleaning, it is way too strong, but I do like how it does eliminate odours for a longer period of time than other sprays, it does linger in the air. I do wonder how dangerous this product is considering it's strength, Obviously none of these chemical air fresheners are healthy to breath in, but this one, wow!

I would not use this product around any pets, anyone with breathing problems, or babies, or even those prone to headaches, this will give you one heck of a headache, like I said I only use it a few hours before company or when I won't be in the house and far away from my pets.