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Airborne Amazing!

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By zaniousmelanious on
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Okay...I get colds a LOT. I saw the inventor of Airborne on Oprah, and I mean, who doesn't try what's on Oprah (:-P)?? SO I bought a tube of the stuff and followed the instructions during my text cold, taking one fizzy tablet with my water every three hours. I do wish the tubes will be a little bigger, considering it runs out rather quickly when you are taking it every three hours. I'd say it doesn't last more than a couple of days for me. The taste is orange and zesty, but acquired, but something I certainly had to get used to. After a few glasses of the stuff thought I was able to gulp it down without a problem. And I truly believe it DOES help in reducing cold time. A cold for me usually lasts a little over a week, and I'm out of comissions with muscle aches and horrible congestion, but this cut my cold time to 3-4 days! Amazing!