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Airborne Dietary Supplement

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When I first heard about Airborne on TV, I thought, 'Well, if it does work, wouldn't that be something?' Airborne was created by a school teacher to help ward off colds.

I purchased a bottle of Airborne soon after and I must say, I was impressed. I haven't been using it long, but my school aged daughter started using it a few years ago. It seemed to do the trick. If she felt a cold coming on, she would pop a tablet in a 6 oz glass of water and seemed to avoid the onslaught of something bigger. Was it luck or was it Airborne?

When my daughter went off to college this past September I made sure she took a fresh bottle of Airborne with her. Sure enough, upon arrival, her new roommate had a nasty case of Bronchitis on move-in day. The roommate eventually started on an anti-biotic. When I later asked my daughter if she caught what her roommate had, she said, "No, I started taking Airborne right away and got lucky."

I like to use Airborne before hopping a plane or train, or before going to indoor malls during crowded shopping seasons.

Airborne is pretty easy to use and quite tasty. It is a bit expensive though. For about $7.00, you get ten tablets. But if it does work, it is so worth it. They recommend you take Airborne quite frequently. I usually take it less often though.

The funny thing about Airborne is, you would know if it is not working, but you might never know if it is. Well, no sense wrestling with those thoughts.

I guess no one can promise me I will be cold free forever, but I do think there really is something to this stuff. I would recommend Airborne!