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Airborne Jr

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By mom2one on
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My son had a very busy, yet highly important week. He had swimming lessons with a test at the end, tennis lessons and on top of that he was testing for his next belt rank in Tae Kwon Do. Needless to say he was running around.

I decided to try Airborne Jr. to try to hold off any colds/viruses. I only gave him 1 tablet a day. The directions say no more then 3 times a day.

Now I don't know if it really worked but I can tell you my son did not catch a cold even with running around like crazy.

I like it because it has herbs and it has natural ingredients. We tried the grape flavor. All you do is take a tablet and drop it in a 4 oz glass of cold water and it will dissolve.

Truthfully my son is NOT a fan of this flavor. The first time he had it he said it was gross, but he did drink it down. I did taste it myself and I didn't think it was that bad, maybe like really watered down grape kool aid or something.

The more my son drank it though the more he got used to the flavor.

I do plan on buying more of this, especially during cold and flu season. My son always seems to get hit with a bad cold that keeps him out of school for a few days every winter. This winter I plan on giving him some Airborne Jr and seeing what happens.

They do make regular Airborne for adults, we get the Airborne Jr. which is recommended for ages 4 to 12.