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Airborne Lime Same Efficacy Eh Taste

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By zaniousmelanious on
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Im am already a big proponent of airborne, and use it with every single cold I have. I was just hit with another one, but I needed to use airborne during classes at school, and snapping the fizzy tablets in half to put in water bottles gets messy. The tablets break up and power goes all over the desk and everywhere, and it's just very messy in general. A friend of mine told me that Airborne made packets of the powder for water bottles, but I had never seen them in drug stores before. One day I was changing for gym class and my mother just showed up out of nowhere with a box of the packets for me! Unfortunately, she gave the pickiest person on the planet a box of the lemon lime flavor, something I had never tried before. Okay....sure the packets go into the water easily, but the lemon lime taste is reminiscent somewhat of a really cheap version of sprite.