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Akuma De Sourou, Volume One

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First of all this is a shoujo manga that follows the life of a typical high school girl. When you are in high school and you have a crush on a classmate, you definitely want him to know of your feelings. That's what Kayano Saitou, the heroine, does in the beginning of the story. She's about to hand over her love letter to her crush, Yuu Kamijou, but she gives it to the rowdiest boy in school, Takeru Edogawa. Things turn pretty rough and unexpected from there, as she later finds out that her mother, who was widowed, is about to marry her school principal, and the latter's son turns out to be Takeru.

The first volume serves as an introduction to the characters in the story. Kayano, the main character, is like other girls her age. She has a crush on one of her classmates, who happens to be Kamijou, the kind and gentle captain of their basketball team. She blushes too easily, especially when she makes a mistake, she gets embarrassed too easily and she looks weak if you will look at her for the first time. But beyond that shy little girl surface lies a courageous, strong woman who will not back down easily even if the going gets tough. This is seen evidently when she slaps Takeru's face after she finds out that Takeru posted her love letter on the bulletin board for everybody to see. Even though she knows he's the school principal's son and he has a gang of rough boys behind him, she defies his orders and says her feelings anyway.

Of course, this turns out to be a misunderstanding. Later she finds out that other girls did this to stop Kayano from sticking to and following Takeru around. Upon knowing this, she apologizes to Takeru and in exchange, she asks him to hit her. So you see, she may be shy and polite, but she actually knows how to back down when she knows she's wrong.

Maybe this is the reason why Takeru suddenly falls in love with her. At first, he must have thought that Kayano is nothing but a shy, weak girl who easily gets flustered, but she's actually strong. Kamijou, on the other hand, is obviously in love with Kayano, because he keeps blushing when he's with her and he keeps helping her all the time. Then there are Kayano's friends, who help her with her love problems, and Takeru's childhood friends, who adore and follow Takeru despite his bullying ways. It turns out that he is not actually a bully at all because, according to one of his friends, he's actually a guy who cares about others in his own way, and has his own way of thinking which may not be agreeable to other people.

Aside from the fact that this volume is an introduction to the characters, it also introduces the reader to what lies ahead in the following volumes. Reading it for the first time made me intrigued, because there are a lot more to be revealed in the following volumes. Although the storyline is not that original and follows a common formula found in so many shoujo manga out there, it keeps me addicted. Will Kayano pursue Takeru? What will Takeru do about it? I just have to read the next volume to find out.