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Aladdin For Snes

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Aladdin was the story of a street rat who fell in love with princess Jasmine. However the law forbade commoners to marry into royalty. Aladdin pretended to be a prince and was able to meet Jasmine. He fell in love with her and she fell in love with him as well. aladdin has a friend in Abu who is a small monkey. He later meets Genie which helps him out as he could grant three wishes. Jafar however wanted the Genie's power for himself. He wants to take over the kingdom and not be merely an adviser.

The game is true to the movie as you combat snakes and armed guards. This game plays much like a kiddie version of Prince of Persia. Most on the time you beat enemies by stomping on them Mario Bros style or pelt them with apples. You get a chance to win extra lives and hearts at the end of the round with a spin the wheel kind of deal. In the end you must go one on one with Jafar who has magical powers that go far beyond those of normal men.

The game is quite engaging and fun. The graphics and play control are good too. The animation was excellent considering it was only 16 bit. there is little replay value though once the game is completed.