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Alan Wake

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The Video Game is about a writer named Alan Wake who goes on vacation to a quiet secluded town with his wife to geta clear head as well as do some work on a book he's writing. His wife ends up getting kidnapped and its up to you playing Alan Wake(With hardly no help from anyone else)to save her.

The Storyline

The Storyline in the game is spectacular. I really get into it and it keeps you guessing although I get this feeling in the back of my mind on how its going to end which turns out to be somewhat accurate. Nonetheless, there's still much to find out along the way when I play the game. Also the game has some very funny satire in it that you know was directly intended by the game creators.

The Action

What makes the action part of the game different then other game is the light gives you strength and the darkness is your enemy. To put it more specifically you can use the flashlight or basically light it self as a weapon against the enemies who get they're power from the darkness. Whats makes the game even more cool is it's not just ghosts you have to fight off. You got objects flying at you and even vehicles will turn themselves on and come at you.

The Weapons

As far as the other weapons of the game go in the game, they're not that innovative and their just too ordinary. Still, some of the weapons are fun to use such as the ones that take out multiple enemies at a time. Overall, I guess you could say I'm spoiled when it comes to the type of weapons I like to use in video games.

Shows Within the Game

As I make my way throughout the game sometimes I run into TVs I can turn on that I guess I would call mini-shows (which last under 5 minutes that are wierd but at the same time amusing). The mini-shows with the name(I can't remember the exact name)kinda reminds me of the Twilight Zone.

Needed More Variety

One complaint I have about the Game is it can be repetitive with many of the enemies you have to take out. To go on top of that almost all of the bosses in the game you have to defeat are way too similar to one another. However, what really kept me into playing this game like I already said is the great storyline. The game reminds me of a movie more then any other game I have played. Thats not meant to be a negative statement either.

The Sound

The game has really good sound to say the least. The Scary Music sounds really well but may not feel well depending on how scared you are, lol. The interactions with other characters of the game really make it so much better.

The Graphics

The graphics in the game are great but not new to me. the graphics engine is similar to the video game series resident evil although I would say their not as good.


The game is very good overall. I beat all of the game rather quickly since I was so into it. If you look around online you will notice this game has a very high rating from gamers overall. This motivated me to rent it. Also I wouldn't say I would give the game the same high rating that many other gamers have given it with complete confidence. Still, I couldn't be very critical of the people who did rate it so high.


The Storyline

Good Graphics

The Interactions Between Characters

The Satire


The Enemies Are Too Similar

The Weapons Are Not Sexy For the Most Part