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Alarm System Or Finder Of Lost Vehicles?

Reviewing: Subaru Forester Standard Alarm System  |  Rating:
bosoxy By bosoxy on
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We have a Subaru Forester, which comes with a standard alarm system.

We received 3 keyless entry/alarm remotes with the purchase of the vehicle.

While I really love the fact that the alarm comes standard, the alarm is a very basic alarm. It is the type that gives off very loud noise in our choice of various noisy sounds when the vehicle door is opened while the alarm is engaged. The alarm should also go off when disturbed, however even a hearty shake will not set off this alarm… The good thing about this is that the alarm will not go off at say… 2am… when a cat seeking a warm hood to lie on jumps up onto the Forester. The bad thing is that by the time the vehicle door is opened an expert car thief will probably be able to quickly disable the racket the alarm is making giving the impression of a false alarm… since no one really pays attention to these noise makers so much anymore anyway.

Better than nothing? Certainly! But really more of a deterrent than a security device, in my opinion.

What do I like about this?

Well I really like the keyless entry. It is ever so convenient to be able to lock all 5 doors at once while exiting or entering the vehicle. The keyless entry also eliminates those key scratches by the keyhole when trying to unlock a door in a poorly lit area.

I also really like the Finder of Lost Vehicle feature. This is when we park in a large parking lot… somewhere…. To activate this feature just walk around blindly hitting the alarm activation and listen for the little blip noise that the alarm makes when the alarm is activated. Now this feature is not actually listed in the manual but it probably should be! If you are laughing you probably also use this same unadvertised special feature… I know that I am not the only one because I have seen other people walking around clicking on their keyless entry thing-a-ma-jiggies too!

Get lost in a big parking lot, or a multi-level garage, just once and see just how valuable this Finder of Lost Vehicle feature really is. I have found it to be so valuable, in fact, that I think the alarm should be renamed Car Finder. ;)