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Alavert Gives 24 Hour Non Drowsy Allergy Relief

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Neither my husband nor I have ever had any type of seasonal allergies before but this year there is something in the air that has hit us hard. According to out local news, grass pollens are the highest right now so maybe that's what the cause is but whatever the cause is, we have been miserable. Our symptoms include runny noses, sneezing, itching of the throat and for me itchy, watery eyes. His started 2 days before it really started to bother me so he went looking through the medicine cabinet to see what we had and found a box of Alavert which has been working for him so I took some too.

I put down that I did not purchase it because frankly I don't even remember when or why I bought it so I do not know how much it cost. I must have had a really good coupon and it must have been on sale at the time but I am very glad whatever my reason was that I did. Alavert is a 24 hour non- drowsy allergy relief tablet. It's a quick dissolving oral disintegrating tablet so you don't need to swallow it instead you just place it on your tongue where it dissolves and it has a mint flavor. The active ingredient in it is 10 mg of Loradine and it is classified as an Antihistamine.

About an hour after taking it I noticed that my nose stop running as much which also stopped the sneezing. In about 2 hours, I was feeling much better and the tickle in my throat was gone. I did continue to have a small amount congestion throughout the day and a few times I had a sneeze or a drip from my nose but for the most part it cleared it up, made me feel a ton better and indeed lasted until the next morning.

I am by no means an allergy expert so I can not say how this compares to other products on the market for those who suffer from allergies all the time but I would defiantly purchase Alavert again. It cleared up my symptoms and lasted just as promised.