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Aleve Aleve Review

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julz49221 By julz49221 on
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I take Aleve for pain that I know I will be having all day such as a toothache or injury. It usually works quite well and is very long acting, although for me it takes over an hour for it to even start to relieve pain. The only strange thing I have found with this product is that after prolonged use it tends to have a placebo effect on me, meaning it just doesn't work at all. If I take a break from it for a few days and then take it again the desired pain relief takes place. I wouldn't recommend this product for young children. It is nice to have it work all day long. I feel its beneficial not to have to pop ibuprofen all day, this takes the place of that. The pills are generally easy to swallow and they even offer capsules if you have a hard time taking tablets. I prefer the tablets, they are smaller and seem to work faster. Overall this product meets my standards for a safe over the counter pain reliever.