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Aleve The Pain!

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vsimeone By vsimeone on
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Several years ago, I went to an orthopaedic doctor about some pain in my arm. He basically explained to me that it is some normal wear and tear of the nerves due to old age - and I'm not that old!!! He told me to take over the counter Aleve but to take two caplets at night and two in the morning. He shared that taking two capsules is the same as the prescription strength. It worked really well to relieve the pain and give the nerves time to heal.

Since that visit, I have used the doctor's advice on many other occasions. Most recently, yesterday, when I ran over my toe with a large, heavy cart. I'm such a KLUTZ!!! I was still in quite a bit of pain last night so I took two Aleve before bed and slept really well. The medication actually didn't start wearing off until about 9am this morning so I really got almost the entire 12 hours worth of pain relief.

My toe is a bit better today but I have a feeling I still may take two Aleve before bed again tonight!