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Alfred Angelo Red Wedding Dress Pictures Inside

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When I first pictured my wedding dress I knew I wanted something traditional. I pictured a plain, white, strapped dress for my special day. I don't think I could have gone much further from that picture when I got this dress. I know how important a good dress is to someone getting married so I will try to do this review with a lot of detail and personal experience.

When I started looking at dresses the lady helped me pick out a few. I saw this dress (which I had seen earlier in a magazine) and thought that it would be fun to try on, but I kept saying "oh I would never get this dress". The funny part was that it matched my wedding colors perfectly!

It was red, but a darker red, and that was exactly what we were going with. Along with that, it was ivory. It wasen't the dark off-white that some dresses are but it was just dark enough to really make the dark red stand out and not make it look like a Christmas dress. The shade of the red is also pretty easy to match up when you are purchasing other items for the wedding.

After trying it on I fell in love. As many people know, white is not flattering at all. This dress was very flattering due to the dark color and it already fit great. I loved the train as well. That was a huge part for me. It really helps to draw your eyes all the way down, and the color flowing out helps with that too.

Here are some details about the dress.

Style: 1516 by Alfred Angelo

Silhouette: A-line

Neckline: Strapless (optional with beaded spaghetti straps)

Waist: Natural

Train: Semi-Cathedral

Description: Has pearls, sequins, crystal beading, embroidery, and lace-up corset back.

Fabric: Luster Satin

Color: Gown: White or Ivory

Train inset/bodice band: Various colors available (55 colors total)

Size range: 2-28W

Price: Usually between $600-$1500

You can go to Alfred Angelo to see the dress in detail. I tried to add as many of my pictures as possible that show some detail but I know the pictures on here show up small so it is hard to see the small things on the dress.

So after seeing this dress and thinking about it I decided that instead of having a regular dress that no one would remember, I really wanted something that was unique and memorable for every one who saw it at the wedding.

I was actually surprised when I tried it on because it was not uncomfortable. Nothing was poking at me or pinching. Plus nothing under the dress was made of itchy lace. I did NOT want something itchy! One thing that surprised me was how cool I was in the dress. It is a very heavy dress but once it was on, I still stayed cool. The fabric was so soft and the bottom is loose and flows easily as you walk. It is a little hard to sit down but I have yet to see a dress that is easy to sit down in. Also I wanted the dress to fit great and feel tight at the top so I wouldn't need to pull on it all night. The only part of the dress that was a little uncomfortable was the top band of red around the front. It is beaded all the way around so it is under your arms too and that can rub throughout the night and start to get a little annoying.

I was scared to have the dress as a strapless but after having the top altered I never had a problem with it falling down. In my opinion the dress looked a lot better without the straps, but they are included with the dress. The detail work of the dress is amazing. The dress has little buttons that go all the way down the back. Then the colored part of the dress has a detailed border all the way around and back up to the top.

One of my favorite aspects of the dress was the lace up back. But it is mostly for looks. The dress has a back panal (the red portion behind the lace) that buttons on so technically that is what holds the dress in place but the lace does help a lot to keep the dress up so it is important to lace it up tight. It also helps "give" a little if needed. That makes it a lot more comfortable and helps it feel more secure. The red border on the back goes all the way to the front so the color can be seen from there too, but the back of the dress is definitely the selling point. The border is made to look like a vine of flowers made of beads and sequins.

The only thing we had to do to the dress was add a bustle when it was altered. Some dresses come with one but this one didn't. It actually looked great too! The lady put it where the dress would be even all the way around and I wouldn't have to pick it up when I moved. When it feathered out it was beautiful and the color still showed completely. So if you would want to have a latch put on, it will still look great!

There are so many details of this dress it is hard to remember them all. I love my dress and I would never change a thing about it. If you are wanting a dress that stands out, this would definitely be an option no matter what your color or theme might be. Everyone at my wedding loved it and was amazed at how well it matched our theme (of course we planned it that way, haha). I really lucked out finding this dress and it still hangs in my closet today.