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Alias: The Complete First Season

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From the very first episode I had seen, I was hooked on J.J. Abrams series, Alias. This show was non-stop action, mystery, and suspense, with engaging characters, mind-boggling concepts, and nail-biting cliff-hangers.

It was my intention to buy the limited collectors edition of this show, which was all five seasons packed into the "Cube of Irena" (a major plot element later in the series), but thankfully, I read a few online reviews about them (Aren't online reviews great?), and discovered that there was a defect in the packaging that was scratching the discs before they were ever opened or watched. And so, I abandoned that idea, and started collecting the seasons one at a time. This is season one.

Alias has been said to have created its very own genre--"Spy-fi". While on one hand, it is an action series about spies and espionage, it also has elements of science fiction woven throughout the plot. It is something totally unique.

Ok, now about that plot... Sydney Bristow is anything but your typical twenty-six year old. The Sydney that civilians see is a happy grad student, recently engaged. The Sydney that the criminal underworld sees, is entirely different. Sydney is a field agent for the CIA, flying across the globe, saving the world, and getting back before dinner. If this were not complicated enough, her life takes a dramatic turn, when she discovers that she has been fooled and her second life is a lie. Sydney has been working for a criminal organization posing as the CIA. Her, and every other member of her organization, save her boss, truly believe that they are working for the government and saving lives, when in truth, they are enemies of the United States, dealing in weapons and espionage. Then and there, Sydney decides to add a third dimension to her life. She turns herself in to the real CIA, and begins the life of a double-agent. She continues to work for her old boss, only this time, her goal is to bring him down.

And that, folks, is only episode one!

There are also some excellent special features with this season, including a gag reel, deleted scenes, commentaries, a behind the scenes look at some of the stunts and fights, and more. The downside to this set is that the special features are scattered throughout all six discs. So if you're looking for a particual special feature, be prepared to spend several minutes looking for it.

If you enjoy high-energy tv with plot twists, great fight scenes, and just a hint of romance, then this is the show for you.