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Alien Resurrection Movie Review

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Oh dear. Even for a dedicated and passionate Alien follower, such as myself, it is hard to see any good in Alien Resurrection. So immensely grotesque (even for my liking); a cold, heartless Ripley that is a disappointing far cry from the female action hero we used to love; and a group of wannabe badass marines that neither come close to the crew from Aliens they aspire to be, or strike any emotional chords with the audience- this is one ugly, ugly film.

Two hundred years later, some arsehole scientists have decided to mess with Ripley's DNA in an attempt to "resurrect" the franchise and the alien inside her. Unluckily for avid Alien fans, Ripley #8 is nothing like the original Ripley as her DNA has become entwined with that of the alien, making her a sarcastic, egotistical monster, littered with bad humour. What's worse is Winona Ryder is even along for the ride, and is so utterly unconvincing and tentative in her attempt at creating a lesbian bond with Weaver in space that you wish the aliens would rip a hole in her chest just to justify the time you've invested in watching her.

Alien Resurrection is basically an experiment of special effects technology, that fails to present anything visually stimulating or emotionally satisfying. The characters are by far the lamest of the franchise, and I still haven't gotten over the sickening ending of the Newborn been sucked out of the hole in the spaceship window.

The film gets a solitary star purely for the respectable underwater escape scene, but aside from that the scariest thing is the amount of interspecies eroticism that has been injected into the franchise. I may be obsessed with Xenomorphs, but alien-human porn is a little too much for my liking.