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Alien Syndrome Nintendo Wii

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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Alien Syndrome is a good remake but has a bad class system. However, it is fun once you get a rhythm going if you choose at least a decent class. Here we have a good control setup but a flawed class system. I don't really like the class system much; the seal can take a beating but is a very weak offensive class (it takes forever to kill enemies, your weapon uses the same energy as your forcefield unlike the other classes and you can't use a melee weapon). The tank can do strong (but only melee) physical damage but has low endurance, meaning you can get killed easily, even moreso because you won't be using long range weapons as the tank. In other words, the tank is a glass cannon: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GlassCannon I prefer using firebug the most because it does good damage with the flamethrower and has higher endurance although it is not as strong as the tank nor as durable as the seal; the firebug is a good balance. The demolitions expert I think can miss a lot with grenades. The sharpshooter has longer range than the firebug and is pretty decent to use since it has a quick fire rate and is stronger than the seal (though as much endurance as the tank). The demolitions expert has a slow fire rate and can miss a bit on the small enemies but the grenades will explode upon impact, not making the class a lost cause. In short, we have 2 worthless classes: the seal and tank, 2 mediocre classes: the sharpshooter and demolitions expert (both have low endurance making it not a good idea to use melee attacks), and 1 good class being the firebug (whose higher endurance and powerful flames make both ranged and melee attacks a good idea). The minigames also take a while to understand since you have to remember what they told you from the screen before. Basically you stat boost or you pick locks before some nanites or something destroy it. You have to gather nanites to an area and destroy them in the latter minigame and in the former you just knock them off the screen and charge up your beams. It sounds confusing in my opinion; just try it out until you understand how it is done (save/retry). Fortunately, the combat controls perfectly, with you using the Wiimote and Nunchuck to control your aim and character respectively. You can use a melee attack or use guns. I prefer using the firebug over the tank as I have a choice plus flames are powerful and do not have to reload ammo unlike that seal. You also can spin/stab with your melee weapons and use a finisher with a downward stab motion. It's a fun setup that makes up for the initially bad class system. Lastly, the story and music are forgettable though.