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Alien Versus Predator Requiem

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The Alien and Predator series from Fox have always been my favorite sci-fi movies, especially Predator from which to this day I can still almost quote every line from each movie. The two collided onscreen for the first time in 2005, and it didn't turn out so well. This time with a new director behind the wheel, the violence cranked up, the profanities back, this movie looks to be what we all wanted to begin with. So is it? Pretty much

The story picks up right where AVP left off, with the PredAlien chestburster coming out. In a matter of minutes (which I find almost impossible seeing all the other movies and how long it takes the other Aliens to turn into adults), the PredAlien comes to adult form and murders the whole ship. The ship crash-lands on Earth in the middle of the woods, but right before the last Predator is killed, he sends a distress beacon to his home world. The ruler Predator, codenamed Wolf, receives the signal and travels to Earth to destroy the new PredAlien menace, get rid of all evidence of it or either of the alien races existing, and destroy any other Aliens that surface. The PredAlien and two Facehuggers escape the ship...and thus...the madness starts all over again. Alien Versus Predator w/ humans in the middle. Sounds like a great dish.

The humans in this movie though are like bad actors from after school specials. They also put no time and effort into making you even care about the characters in the first place; they are introduced at random and just as you go "Alright. This guy is al....dang it he's dead". The Strause Brothers(who made this film this time) took no effort into making you care about the actors at all. So don't look for any Emmys in the acting department.

The special effects and the violence on the other hand are top notch. The Predator (the only one in this movie besides the ones in the beginning) looks more sleeker and tougher than the one from the first movie, and all his weapons and stuff are brutal. The Aliens look fierce and the new PredAlien looks downright evil. The violence and gore factor is through the roof, with bodies flying everywhere on screen and people being ripped to shreds. If violence doesn't bug you, take your kids, because language and sex are barely noticeable in this movie, but the violence is over the top. Also a little over the top is the fact that the PredAlien in this movie murders babies…something I thought was out of left field and there just to piss you off.

I only have two big complaints about this movie, the first being about the humans (which I mentioned a second ago) and the other is the ending. They set it up for a new one, explains nothing, and the big final battle between the Predator and PredAlien is cut horribly short and anti-climactic. Overall, if you went to see the movie to see the two species beat the crud out of each other, it's definitely worth a watch. But if you wanted character development and the humans to actually be worth watching, don't bother.