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All About Backing Up The Movies With Dvd Shrink

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Since I moved and don't have cable or satelite I've watched pretty much every movie I own. I go over to my sisters and raid her movie cabinant. I realized she has a lot of movies I haven't seen, movies I like but don't have or movies I've always wanted. So I had some left over blank dvds that I hadn't used but the only program I had was Nero. Unless the movies were burned already which some were that program didn't help me on the copyrighted ones and so I had to look around online for something else.

I read a few threads that I found on google I looked up some tutorials and I found this program called dvd shrink. I did a lot of research on it, it's a free program at least my version is, it let's you keep the menus that come on the movie and let's you take off content you don't want or need. I didn't find hardly anyone who complained about it so I downloaded the file on my flash drive and took it home to install it on my PC. The install was easy and in no time at all I was ready to figure out what to do. It's pretty easy to operate but I like to read throughly through the instructions of things before I use them just to make sure I don't mess anything up.

You put the dvd into the drive, it rips the whole thing (I think it took an hour for mine but it may depend on how new your hardware is) and than it gives you the option of taking things off of your dvd (subtitles, previews, special features) and than you switch the dvds out and it burns your copy. I used Briget Jones Diary as my first attempt and it worked flawlessly! I was so impressed and it works on all my dvd players with no problems. Nero had always given me problems and that was the software that came with my dvd burner. So now I can go through all her movies and make my own copies!

Also, I'm going to back up my own movies because people do ask to borrow my movies and I'm very reluctant to do so. I've gotten so many movies back damaged or not gotten them back at all and this way I can lend out the copies if something happens to that one I can always make another! This program replaced Nero for me and I would really suggest others try it.