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All Tomorrow's Parties

Reviewing: All Tomorrow's Parties Author: William Gibson  |  Rating:
By freesoma on
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All Tomorrow's Parties, by William Gibson, is the third and final book in his "Bridge" trilogy. Although the three books in the trilogy aren't entirely connected, some of the characters and events are present throughout all three books.

I really loved this book, but my opinion is biased because I love almost everything that Gibson writes. All of the characters are great, as always, and the technology used in this trilogy isn't too far-fetched. Although this book doesn't compare to his first three novels I still enjoyed reading about the story that is based in San Francisco. Some of Gibson's story structure and writing style isn't as great in this book compared to his best work, but I still enjoyed every bit of it.

Anyone that enjoys cyberpunk, science fiction, or is a fan of Gibson should pick this one up. It isn't for everyone, but it's worth a shot.