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Allegiant Air Finally Great Air Service

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In my former life as a member of Corporate America, I traveled. A lot. 2 weeks out of every month. Within the USA and overseas. Was Platinum Frequent Flier in my first year. One of the things I really despised about traveling, besides being away from my husband, was the increasingly-declining-already-crappy service from the airlines. I got so sick and tired of the same run-around b.s. from the check-in desk, the gate staff, and the on-board personnel. A straight answer from the airline was the Holy Grail for me in the waning days of my corporate life.

We live in a small market. Flights to anywhere from here or to here from anywhere are expensive & service erratic. Fortunately for us, Allegiant Air has recently come to our airport with service to several points in Florida: Orlando, Clearwater/St Petersburg, & Fort Lauderdale. Fares are very reasonably priced. Schedule is not as frequent as the larger airlines but not inconvenient for us. The flights we've been on were sold-out or nearly so. We've flown them 2x in 3 months and are planning to take our next trip via Allegiant Air.

When booking on Allegiant Air, if you want to check a bag, $10. A small price to pay to check a bag. I'm not an efficient packer so I check. If you want to choose your seat, $10. Flights are pretty short [~60-75 minutes] so I don't much care where I sit.

We traveled via Allegiant Air over the Winter holiday to Ft. Lauderdale. A week before our flight, we received a phone call that the flight was overbooked and would we be willing to depart 2 days early. Allegiant offered to pay the additional days for our car rental and compensated us with free round-trip vouchers for another flight. Of course, we took them up on their offer.

Our re-booked flight was running a bit late. The airline had pizza for the waiting passengers. Gave us regular status updates sans the double-speak one usually gets from an airline. Our flight departed 3 hours late. Upon boarding, we were given vouchers towards another flight on Allegiant Air. Sweet deal for a minor inconvenience, particularly when the entire staff was so darn pleasant and forthcoming about the delay.

We booked our second trip - using the original round-trip vouchers - via Allegiant Air for a trip to meet up with friends on the West Coast of Florida. Flight was timely, smooth, and the entire Allegiant Air staff was incredibly pleasant. I may be getting used to such treatment! Both directions, no incident of delay or other issue. How refreshing!

I believe Allegiant Air services smaller, regional airports. If they're in your market, I highly recommend them.

We're not sure where we're going next on Allegiant Air but it sure looks like we'll be traveling to Florida more often - great fares, new equipment, fabulous staff every step of the way - and enjoying our cherished holidays from the moment we get to the airport instead of white-knuckling it until we disembark.