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Alli All Hype, No Results

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kalar By kalar on
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Like many people, when the weight loss product Alli became available over the counter, I rushed out and picked up my own starter kit. I read through the booklet, signed up at the online support website, and diligently read about the possible side effects. Then, I waited three weeks before even taking the first pill. As more information became available about the embarassing possibility of humiliating public accidents (which came to be known as Alli-oops's), I hesitated to try the little blue pills. Although the instructions clearly stated that closely following the meal guidelines would help to alleviate those symptoms, anecdotal evidence proved that sometimes, it didn't matter what Alli users were eating. Eventually, I worked up the nerve to try the pills over a weekend. Since I did not experience any of the "Alli-oops" side effects, I incorporated the pills as instructed, taking one before each meal for the next four weeks. I did not expect big results in the first week, but I was expecting a weight loss of 4 to 5 pounds by the end of the second week. I was highly disappointed to find that I had only lost about 2 pounds after two weeks of following the menu guidelines and taking the medication faithfully. In spite of my disappointment, I continued with the pills and program for the next two weeks, achieving another two pounds of weight loss. To me, these results were much lower than what the advertising for the Alli weight loss pills stated. Any weight loss is good, but I could have easily lost four pounds in four weeks by simply following a low fat diet, without spending $50 for a low fat menu plan. My very unscientifc conclusion to my own experience is that most likely, the only people who lose a significant amount of weight are people who experience the side effect of the Alli-oops (explosive, uncontrollable or loose bowel movements). For those of us who do not experience this unpleasant side effect, the weight loss probably has more to do with the diet than with the pill itself. For me, this product was a huge disappointment.