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Allods Online Is The Best Free Mmorpg

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By mcwoot on
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Looking for an alternative to expensive subscription-based games? Allods Online is the game for you. Other mmorpgs have tried and failed... but Allods is a great MMORPG that feels and plays just like a pay-to-play MMO that is free to play. The only problem is the low amount of players. This game was created in Russia and has not been advertised well in other countries. Some parts of the English version of the game are in Russian. The maturity level is very low because of Cartoon Violence. The audio and image quality is comparable to games like World of Warcraft. The content level is high because there is hours and hours of gameplay, and tons of places to find. Finding people to form a group with is not a problem at all, as the player base is friendly and helpful. Even if you are cautious to play it, download it and try this game anyway! It's free, and the only thing you have to sacrifice is a small chunk of space on your computer. Never pay a fee for a game you might not even like anyway. The only optional things you can buy are upgrades and items for your character. You won't find this game online. Only on the game's website can you download this awesome game. The URL: http://allods.gpotato.com/

Update On Feb 06, 2011: I do apologize for how bad this review is. I had no idea of what I was doing. I hope that my newer reviews are good enough to get higher ratings.