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Allstate Auto Insurance

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I have Allstate Auto Insurance on my van. This policy covers two people, my husband and myself. Since we are making payments to the bank on our van we needed to have full coverage on it.

We qualified for many discounts because we have been insured for a few years with Allstate. We also carry our home insurance with Allstate and enjoy a multiple policy discount too. Our discounts on this policy include:

Passive Restraint

Antilock Brakes

Good Payer

Multiple Policy

Premier Plus

This give us a savings of $164.25 on our auto insurance. Our premium is only $297.28!

Payments can be made in one of three ways:

Option 1 - Pay in full and avoid any installment fees

Option 2 - Pay minimum amount due each month of $53.03, if you pay this way you will also be charged a installment fee of $3.50 each time you pay.

Option 3 - Pay any amount between $53.05 and $297.28, if you choose this payment option you will also be charged a $3.50 installment fee each time you pay.

The best thing about Allstate is their customer service. I was involved in an accident in a parking lot where a woman backed up into my van at full speed. I was driving through the parking lot and she failed to look before backing up. Her SUV hit my van fast and hard on the passenger side. (I actually think she hit the gas pedal instead of her brake). I was pretty shaken up since it caught me off guard.

I immediately called my Allstate representative and she told me exactly what to do. She said for me to stay in my van and not say a word to the lady. I remained in my van and talked to my representative. She told me to just get her name and phone number and insurance card. She said since it was in a private parking lot, no police would respond to the accident. Something I didn't know.

I exchanged information with the lady and told her my insurance company would call her company in the morning. Not one word more was said to her. She tried to get me to admit I was the one who caused the accident. I refused to answer her. I did exactly as instructed and I gave all the information to Allstate. They took care of everything. I was able to have a rental car while my van was repaired courtesy of the lady's insurance. She was the one at fault and my representative proved it.

Got to love a company like Allstate!