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Alltel Calling Service Horrid

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skydancer2007 By skydancer2007 on
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I initially liked Alltel service when we had it. Then I got a better offer and my contract expired with Alltel. So I made sure that the bill was paid off in full and called to cancel my service. What a joke! The next month, I received a standard monthly bill from Alltel. Now, mind you there were no calls in or out on the phone because I had let everyone know that we switched phone numbers and phone service providers.

I had a horrible nightmare with Alltel. They claimed that my payment didn't go through. Are you kidding me? So, now I was being billed for a month of unused service AND the late penalty fees. I refused to pay it and told them that I had cancelled the service over the phone.

The next month (now this is the 2nd month of non-used service because I was supposed to be cancelled) I was billed for the previous months along with fees. I told them for the third time that I had cancelled and to pull the records to see that I had not even used the phone number for all this time.

The next month (now 3 months) the bill is huge. The service rep said that I had to send them a letter in the mail cancelling myh account AFTER I paid up all these bills that were currently outstanding. That they had disconnected my service but I was still an active customer. Huh? That is exactly what I said. Huh?

A week later, Alltel turned my account over to collections. They got the nasty cancel my service letter in the mail. BUT now I was being threatened with a bad credit mark on my credit report from these bills I refused to pay. I ended up paying the payoff amount, which was reduced to keep my credit report clean.

I will neer switch back to Alltel again.