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Alltel Hue

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By tigahiga on
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Well, for my past birthday, my parents decided to get me my first phone. I had actually asked for a Motorola Razr, but was pleasantly surprised when I opened my birthday bag and found Alltel's Samsung Hue. I'll admit, I was very impressed by the phone's slim and sleek shape, but was a little dismayed, as the Samsun Hue was not pink(not a major concern, but hey, I'm a girl). That's when I was hit with the real surprise. I had failed to notice that in my birthday bag lied a girl's ultimate phone accesory, unique only to the Alltel Hue: faceplates! Joy lit up in my eyes as I snapped my pink faceplate on my phone.

That day, I could not stop playing with my new toy. It was so easy to use! It took only a matter of minutes to find out how to use the camera, messaging, and even the ringtone shop. However, the Hue does have one feature that I could not easily access, due to the fact I do not own the right memory card. You probably guessed, but yes, the Alltel Hue takes on the dual role of a phone and an mp3 player. Some may consider this an absolute need for every phone, but I already own an iPod video, so that feature did not appeal to me as much as the others.

Now, maybe this phone seems especially great to me because it is my first phone. However, the Hue's extra large screen, slim body, cute accesories, and its mp3 capability should appeal to anyone, whether it is their 1st cellphone or 20th cellphone. The only problem I can honestly say about this phone is that when you are listening to your voicemail, it is very hard to understand the messages. Other than that, the speakers are phenomenal.

I highly reccomend the Alltel hue to all phone users who are looking for a stylish, yet simple phone. But if you are looking for a phone with more extensive features, I doubt you will be that satisfied.