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Almay Mineral Makeup

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princessmichelle77 By princessmichelle77 on
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We've all seen the infomercials for mineral makeups for a few years now and like every other woman out there I've been curious as to if they really work like they claim. As someone who has a lot of redness I wanted to believe in the miracle of minerals to cover like foundation and heal the skin. The infomercial products are fairly expensive though so I never gave into the urge to try them.

Now though there are a lot of department store brands that are coming out with mineral lines. I was looking at them in Target one day and decided to try ALMAY's pure blend mineral makeup. I've always been happy with ALMAY's products. They don't irritate my skin like some others do. It was mid range as far as price goes so I thought it would be a decent product. I was wrong.

I liked the packaging. We're all familiar with the little pots of powder that you dip your brush in and tap and swirl and well, you know the drill. This one came in a long tube with the powder in one end and the brush on the other. I thought this would be a lot less messy and it is, when it works. There is a pump on the end with the powder and you press it to get it to go into the brush for application. 90% of the time when you pump it nothing happens. I almost always have to unscrew the pump and put it back on to get it to go into the brush. Once you get it into the brush and begin brushing it onto your face, be prepared to see that your face looks just like it did before you put it on. It did nothing for my skin, I might as well have not even put anything on at all.

This is a product I really wanted to like but it's pretty useless. Don't waste your money.