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Alternative Software To Protect Computer From Virus

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If you are bored by computer that often infected with viruses, spyware or malware. Although the computer is equipped with anti-virus, anti-spyware or anti malware, maybe you can use alternative software to protect your computer from such threats. I use deep freeze standard software, this software released by Faronic Corporation to protect your computer and files from virus attacks.

Actually, deep freeze is used specifically to protect the database server computer or computers used as public facilities, for example, I use it on the internet shop. However, I also can use it in personal computers at home. This software worked by freezing the computer hard drive partitions so when the computer is shut down or restart, the system will return to the first settings when the partition is frozen.

This is a very powerful way to protect your computer from virus infections, spyware and malware. However, this software should be used on the local disk system, because this software has many benefits and also a disadvantage. The steps you should do before installing the deep freeze standard is to divide two or more disk partitions. Separate a partition for the system on the local disk C, while the other partition is used to store files and data.

After installing Windows and other essential programs on a local disk, you can install deep freeze and freeze partition on the Windows system partition. This aims to protect the partition disk filled by the Windows system from virus, spyware and malware. While other partitions didn’t need to be frozen because it is used to store data and backup files.

Your computer will be protected from the threat of virus even hacker, because all applications and programs that are installed by a virus, spyware and malware are erased automatically when you restart or shut down the computer. The disadvantage of this software is you cannot store and install any program into the frozen partition, because the stored files will also be erased when the computer is turned off. So if you want to save your data or installed programs into a local disk, you must unfreeze the partition first. After that you can install programs that you want and do not forget to re-freeze the partition again.

This software is quite satisfying me, and you can get a maintenance package for one year from Faronic for computer protection. So if you have server-based computers, the internet shop or other public facility, you can try deep freeze standard, enterprise, education or the server edition according to your needs.