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Aluminum Charcoal Grill

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For our recent trip to the beach, we wanted a small BBQ to take with us so we could have a picnic on the beach one night we were there. We wanted something inexpensive that we could throw away when we were done.

In the BBQ/Summer section of Rite-Aid we found the Premium Grill- Aluminum Charcoal Grill for only $2.99. The grill is made of a heavy duty aluminum pan that comes filled with charcoal briquettes. It has a small wire stand that it sits on and holes around the sides of the pan for airflow. It has a wire mesh top to place the food on and measures approximately 12x9 inches.

We were hesitant when we purchased it that it would actually work but we thought we would give it a try. To my husbands surprise, it actually worked really well. The charcoal comes wrapped in a flammable paper and the instructions are very clear not to add any lighter fluid. When we lit the paper, it caught fire quickly and burned well. We followed the directions and waited for 15 minutes for the coals to get nice and hot. We then shook the pan to spread them out a bit and they were ready to go. We had enough room on the top of the grill for 4 burgers and there was more space left that could have held several hot dogs or other items.

The day we were using it was very windy and the burgers were frozen when we put them on. We used a piece of tin foil to make a tent on the top to help keep some of the heat in that was being blow away to help the burgers to cook a little faster. There were no flare ups and the grill stayed hot for about an hour and a half.

When we were done with the grill, we drowned the flames with a bucket of water and when we were sure the flames were out, we simply threw it away. My only complaint with the grill would be to have them add a few more briquettes to the pan. There was room in the pan for more and I think that would help it to get a little hotter and spread the heat all the way to the sides. This is a great little grill for a picnic or a tailgating party.