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Alvedon For My Migraine

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I always get migraines, especially if I work long periods, I lack sleep, or I have not been outdoors for several days. My eyes, although there is no problem with my eyesight, seems to be very sensitive with the glare of the sun, hence the migraines.

I am allergic to most painkillers, like aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. I can only take mefenamic acid or paracetamol. But paracetamol is milder so I use the brand Biogesic quite often both for pain and during fever. However, there came a point that taking one or two tablets of Biogesic does not relieve me of my headaches.

Then my mother recommended Alvedon. I am not aware of Alvedon but she said that it is also paracetamol but just a different brand. I tried it one time when I had headache and she had a tablet with her, and in about 30 minutes, my headache started to subside. Usually I would just like down and sleep for an hour or so so that I will be relaxed and rested.

And this product, as compared to other painkillers, is very cheap. It is only 5 cents per 500mg tablet. Imagine that. This is a very good pain killer, mild to the stomach (I am not sure about the kidneys though) but powerful against pain.