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Amadeus Region 1 Us Canada Review

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Perhaps you are familiar with the story of Mozart and Salieri; perhaps you aren't. In either case, I would greatly recommend this movie. I personally knew the basics: Salieri, a prolific but not very talented composer, was jealous of Mozart, a music genius; it had been debated for quite some time whether Salieri poisoned Mozart or not. The movie gets right to this point, starting with the aged Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) attempting to commit suicide. From his ramblings we gather that he is driven to it by his guilt over killing Mozart: he keeps asking Mozart's forgiveness. Later on, a concerned priest comes to see Salieri. As the composer tells him his story, we are transported back in time to follow it.

We see a much younger Salieri at the peak of his music career as a court composer to the Austrian king. Then Mozart (Tom Hulce) arrives at the palace and astonishes Salieri with two things: his immense talent and a personality totally unsuitable to be blessed with such a gift. Mozart is a frivolous, drinking, womanizing fellow. He does not even seem to take his music seriously - so why did God choose to give such an incredible talent to such a person? That's the question Salieri struggles with.

I liked Salieri more as I watched this film, despite his jealousy that ultimately led to his intent to kill Mozart (never fulfilled). Perhaps it is because of the brilliant performance of F. Murray Abraham who portrays this character and his struggles with such intensity. Salieri, to me, was more interesting in this movie than Mozart. Mozart was a genius, there's no doubt about that, and I appreciated being able to take a closer look at what a genius is like. However, he is hard to relate to. And Salieri has a point being unimpressed with him as a person.