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Amazing Number 600

Reviewing: Marvel Spectacular Amazing Spiderman #600  |  Rating:
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The Next epic milestone in Amazing Spiderman History. Issue #600 is by far the best issue of this year and has to be right up there in the top issues that I've read(Yes even rivaling "The Other Evolve Or Die" story Arch) so much happens that It is virtually impossible for me to give you a clear and concise overview as possible. The issue starts off with a flash back of one of the most classic spidey villains Doc Oc himself and turns out he's not as dead as we all thought but he's condition is deteriorating rapidly but before he leaves this Earth he wants to give New York and the rest of the world one last gift. Good old Spidey/Peter Parker has to make sure everything for the big wedding day between J.J.J Snr and his beloved Aunt May goes off without a hitch. The Artwork is amazing as always truly befitting for a certain Red head who just so happens to share the same initials as Michael Jordan to re-enter the Spider-Man universe. They is a host of other great Spider-Man stories written by the legend himself Stan Lee! These give greater insight into the Spider universe and act as a very tantalizing appetizer for events that are to come. This is the best Spider-Man issue this year a definite must read!