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Amazing Overall Laptop

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adalal By adalal on
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I've worked with many laptops in my life so far, and I must admit that the DV6000 almost does it all! It's a perfectly sized 15-inch screen laptop to do with almost anything you want. It is definitely one of the more robust laptops I've seen around - it has fallen off my hands before but works perfectly, the default memory of 3 GB does most job, unless you are a hardcore gaming fan, in which case, making modifications to this model is really not that hard (mind you, it will void your warranty!)

It's definitely not too big to use it and not carry it around, and not too small that you need to learn to type all over again to type on it's tiny keyboard. It fits into most generic laptop bags quite easily unlike some other models of similar sizes, where the shape of it makes it very difficult to fit into bags.

Recent troubles with this laptop included a hardware fault, but that has been corrected and all repairs done for absolutely zilch. However, the one thing that you may have to mind about this laptop is heating. After using it for about 6 months, I have realised that running Windows tends to heat up, and I have to keep extra space between the fan and whatever it is resting on. Running linux on it is a dream however, given the massive support laptops such as these have throughout various forums.

If you are a gamer, this laptop is still very very impressive, and runs games like Crysis Warhead quite easily on moderate graphic settings with ease, and the Phoenix bios installed allows for easy installation of OSes using USB sticks, and performing other BIOS related tasks.