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Amazing Volcano Photo Poster

Reviewing: Photojournalist Roger A. Werth Mt. St. Helens Volcano May 18,1980  |  Rating:
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We received this very dramatic poster of Mt. St. Helens erupting as a Christmas gift from a friend a couple of years ago. I love it and think that it is absolutely awesome that a photographer caught such a rare happening with such skill. My husband, on the other hand, thinks that the photograph glorifies destruction! (How weird is that?!) Still, he is my husband, and so for two years I didn't hang it anywhere because he doesn't like it. Finally, not long ago, I said, "Nuts to that!", and I just tacked it up on a wall in my spare bedroom so that I can at least peek at it when I'm in and out of that room.

Mt. St. Helens is in the state of Washington, which is where we live. It was an ash explosion and was devastating to the area, but it was an amazing spectacle!

Mt. St. Helens is about 100 miles south of Seattle, on May 18, 1980 when it erupted we were about 100 miles north of Seattle. Even 200 miles away from it like that, there was still ash on the ground, on cars, and in the air. Not nearly as bad as closer to the volcano, though, so we were lucky. A lot of people had breathing problems because of it. And 250 people actually lost their lives because of it.

So I guess you can see why my husband is not a fan of the poster, but I still see it as a fabulous black and white photograph of a phenomenal act of nature.