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Amazon Kindle 3 G And Wifi

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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Pdas Kindle Amazon Computers 3g

This was probably the best Easter gift I've ever gotten and I have never honestly considered any type of E-reader. I love owning books, feeling the paper in my hands and having book shelves full of books. Once I got the Kindle I found myself online just filling it with books and every night I'd think of more to add. I've got classics like Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens I have suspenseful with Silence of the Lambs, fantasy with Harry Potter and comedy with Bridget Jones Diary.

I was concerned at first that I'd have a hard time reading with it or that it'd be very complex as far as use. I was surprised to find out it really is a no glare screen and I have no problems with my eyes when reading on it. I can use Amazon to download books or get them off other free websites and it's as easy as plug and play. It's also very cool that I can store music on it as well so when I'm playing a game or just feel like switching on some music it doesn't drain the battery as fast as it would on my PSP.

It can hold thousands of books, you can resize the letters, switch it to landscape view, and even use audio books. If I need to look up something while using it the web browser works very well for that and it has never caused me any issues. I find myself using it now before bed where I always read a book before hand anyway but now I have so many to choose from. The books aren't overly expensive and there are so many free sites out there it's easy to save money too.

I'm very happy with my Kindle it's easy to travel with, I can get internet anywhere so I can literally download books from anywhere and I always have more than one book no matter where I'm at. I think the 3G with wifi is the best option for those who will travel with it since wifi isn't always available. I haven't tried any games yet so far I'm only using it for reading but I'd like to try a few games and see how they work. I have heard a few complaints about the lack of touch and color screen but that really doesn't bother me.

If I want an Ipad wannabe I'll buy an Ipad it's sold as an e-reader and that's what it's best for. Other wise it'd just be another tablet computer not having color doesn't bother me at all either I don't use it to surf online or watch videos or anything and I haven't found many books with pictures. I'm looking forward to find out if I can read comic books on it though who doesn't love those? I think for anyone young or old who loves to read and always finds themselves with a book in their hands the amazon Kindle would be a great idea for you.