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Amazon Leather Cover For The Kindle

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When I had bought my Kindle 2, I had also bought the cover with it. The original came with a cover, but this version, it was only available separately. They have their reasons for doing that. That is okay for me as not everyone would want the cover I did choose which is supposedly the type that came with the original Kindle. The reason that I had bought it is because I felt that this was an easy way to protect my investment. I could only imagine what kind of scratches and how dirty it would have been without it. Still with it, the kindle did get a bit dirty, but it was always on the top, which annoyed me.

So this cover is a nice black leather case with the name Kindle on the bottom right. It is nice and easy to handle. When I first opened it up, I was a bit surprised about. It was not much of a cover to me and then I had to go and figure out how to put the kindle on. With a bit of trial and error, I was able to get the kindle attached to the case. There are a couple slots on the side of the kindle that attach to the cover. You have to make sure that you have the cover in the correct direction otherwise this won't work.

My room does not have much lighting so I have to find the right area to read. I found a way to have it standing up in landscape direction and it works to read that way. I think the cover is really great and its worth having something like that with your kindle. I always put it in my purse when I go out so it's a perfect way to protect it when you are going out with it. I could not imagine living without it.