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Amazon Women On The Moon

Reviewing: Michael Barrie And Jim Mulholland Amazon Women On The Moon  |  Rating:
By egahr on
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By the time I got around to watching Amazon Women from the Moon I had forgotten why I had put it on my Netflix Queue which threw me off for some time because I was expecting an actual movie. What this is, is a series of skits loosely connected by the conceit that you are flipping through the channels of late night television.

If you're a fan of movies from the fifties, sixties and seventies then you'll find many connections to movies and a ton of cameos. The problem is that while it's fun to see the stars drop in and out the movie itself isn't very funny. It tries hard and in places it is but really it only succeeds in being strange.

I can put my finger on exactly why it fell so flat for me. I'm not a huge fan of this type of comedy but I have enjoyed similar movies far more, but in the end this switched so often that just as I began to get interested in one part of the movie it moved on to the next, and even the momentary callbacks to things which happened earlier in the movie were out of place.

If you love airplane, the Kentucky fried movie and old movies then you'll find some fun in this but I can imagine that anyone is going to love it.