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Amd Is Back With A Bang

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Ladies and Gentlemen AMD is officially back after a long hiatus the gaming world can breathe a huge sigh of relief as now we have a good solid real alternative to Intel and there crazy sky high Core i7 range and that alternative ladies and gentlemen just so happens to be the next generation of the Phenom processor architecture creatively named the Phenom II today I will be reviewing which is the fastest in the series so far. AMD's new Phenom II X4 955 BE for those of you who don't know the BE stands for Black Edition which means the CPU multiplier is unlocked which makes for easy overclocking for beginners and experts a like

The most pleasing statistic at first glance is the fact the Phenom II comes stock at a massive 3.2 GHz and with a bit of mild overclocking can easily reach speeds of 3.5GHz +

One of the main differences between the Phenom II architecture and the original Phenom architecture

Is that the fabrication process on the former has shrunk from 65nm to a minute 45nm with this reduction naturally tends itself to a reduction in transistors as well. With the newly found free space available the bofs at AMD took the opportunity to increase the L2 cache from 2MB present in the original Phenom to either 4MB or 6MB now present in the new Phenom II

Another significant change has been made to the integrated internal memory controller.The original Phenom worked with DDR2-1066 but the Phenom II can now also use DDR3-1333 which is significant as the change over from DDR2 to DDR3 looms ever closer. Where the Phenom IIs really shine is the manage to be backward compatible with AM2+ boards which utilize DDR2 and AM3 boards which utilize DDR3 this is a great feature for those of you(much like me) who don't posses the monetary funds to switch over to AM3 boards at this present time this really indicates that AMD is thinking about the little people to.

So I think it's about time you give the men in green and black your support!