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America, Why I Love Her

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with John Wayne

Along with so much else during her life; my Godmother gave me a cassette recording of this album, sometime during my teens.

I know, the Duke? An "album"?! Yup!

Ya see, I grew up at the end of a time when heroes were good. Not vague, not gray, not openly degenerate, they didn't need profanity to speak through most of a sentence; you didn't know what they did in their bedrooms, you didn't have to worry if the kids saw them do something, because they didn't! Perfect? Of course not. But they tried, they set examples, they didn't wash their laundry in the public square.

The Duke is still my hero today. Sometime through my20's I lost track of this recording, but I never forgot it. Anytime I ever mentioned it to someone though, they had never heard of it.

Fast forward to the 21st century/post 9-11 and common internet access in every home. Having heard me mention it a few times by this point; my then fiancée took it upon herself to really surprise me one birthday.

"AMERICA, WHY I LOVE HER" with John Wayne, the CD!!! Wow! Who knew?!?

With the voice of the Duke and the writing of John Mitchum, Robert's younger (but not "little") brother, this production presents ten poetic tracks. No, he ‘ain't" sing'n!

Combined, these two bigger than life average joes produced a patriotic epitaph from another "when" in our country's life that has managed to re-surge into the age of mp3s, blue dressed interns, celebrities that won't leave the country when they say they will, chads, and "elects" that double back on promises before they even enter office.

If you have an "ol' timer" you love, has ALWAYS been proud of our country, or even knows why our flag is red, white and blue, this might be a really good stocking stuffer for them.

I've been able to give this disc to a few over the years now, and they really enjoyed it.

Prices vary, depending where you look.

A Google peek will usually dig up a new copy at about $7.99, could go as high as $11.+ s&h.

Perhaps it's not for everyone, but I am definitely for it.

"Head 'em up. you're burn'n daylight."

Check it out.