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American History X Blu Ray Review

Reviewing: New Line American History X  |  Rating:
By Emil Rastoder on
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American History X is one of the most powerful movies ever made. Released in 1998 starring Edward Norton and Edward Furlong. Derek Vinyard is the leader of a neo-nazi gang and he has so much hate in his body that he can boil an egg on his chest. His father was murdered during his job and according to Derek Vinyard it was race related, and ever since his hate has grown larger and larger. After killing two men he was sent to jail for three years. After his time in the can was over he tries to keep his little brother away from the gangs and the thuglife.

This is truly a powerful and remarkable film. The blu-ray version is really good and the detail level is perfect. That's the most positive thing about the blu-ray version. The audio in this film is one more thing that is really good but frankly it sounds just as any other film released today, but it still has a good audio. The extra material in the blu-ray was very poor. There wasn't any extra material at all. Some deleted scenes and a theatrical trailer is all to look forward to. But afterall, the blu-ray edition is definately worth the cash only because of the improved image and sound. I give this version a 4/5 because of the lack of extra material but the blu-ray is definately something to own.