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American Ninja

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Martial Arts Specialist and soldier Joe Armstrong tries to stop an illegal arms dealer who has kidnapped the Colonels daughter.

The Storyline

The story has much to do with the military and overall is very easy to understand.

The ActionThe action is where the films really stands out as there is just so much going on throughout the entire film. Its also the only thing thats really good about the film.

The Acting

It was average at best.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack throughout the movie has a good tune to it when it comes to the location and storyline of the movie although at times can be somewhat lame. The soundtracks beats and sounds can be compared to military music. I think it really suited the film well for the most part. I could understand why someone would disagree when comes to my opinion about the soundtrack though.

Joe Armstrong

Joe who is the American Ninja doesn't have much of a personality and in the film. The lack of personality meant he really didn't have to put much effort into his acting. I assume like most other Martial Arts Actors he also has stunt doubles who do the fighting scenes although I'm not entirely sure about that . Overall Joe for me plays a small part of the big picture when it comes to the storyline as a whole. His role in the film is far from outstanding and hes not in the same class as other martial arts stars like Jackie Chan or action stars like Sylvester Stallone.

The Big Cheese

The main bad guy in the movie Victor Ortega who is an illegal arms dealer surrounds himself with lavish things and carries himself with a slick and arrogant style. Ortega has ninjas who protect him but like I said he is an illegal arms businessman so it seems like he would rely more on body guards with guns as his source of protection. I think its silly to have so many ninjas without enough firearm protection but thats an example of a cheesy movie, lol.

My Overall View of the Film

The film was orchastrated in a very good way considering how many actors were involved in the making of the film. There is just so much action going on in so many action locations in the film that it definitely doesn't bore me hardly at all. A friend from when I was a kid said how good this movie was which played a major role in me deciding to watch it. I probably wouldn't have considered watching the movie if he didn't mention it.