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American Psycho Paperback

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I saw the movie loads of times and pretty much know it by heart. I take part in the American Psycho IMDB message board and can usually whip out obscure quotes from this film for any occasion. Since the movie ended on such an open note, I was intrigued to read the book to see how much more information about the main character, Patrick Bateman, it provided you. Although I would NOT recommend this book if you are squeemish, sensitive, easily offended, or younger than 17, maybe even 18. If the movie had been a straight, page by page translation of the book, unedited - it would be rated NC-17. A part from the disturbing element, I have to say this is one of the best books I've ever read. Very rarely has a book invoked such a reaction from me. There are parts of this book where I have felt intrigued, bored, laughed out loud, felt sick to my stomach, had to put it down for a few days until I stopped having nightmares, was so grossed out that I threw the book across the room and became angry that it ruined my appetite for the rest of the day... I went through so many emotions while reading this book, it was amazing. Even though the main character is seriously disturbed, he is really all you have and you stay with him because not only is he interesting but he also feels like the only "normal" one in his peer group. And by "normal", I mean not normal but sufferable. Getting a glimps of his peer group and friends that surround him, you almost understand why he has a need to kill people. They are horrible, shallow, phony, materialistic, self-centered yuppie scum. Not that Patrick Bateman isnt all of those things but the tone of the book lets you into his world through his eyes and lets you put your judgement aside and just follow the character. Some pages, because you are in his world, will bore you with extensive reviews of different brands of mineral water, pop music and men's fashion along with personal care. This is to convey the importance of such things in his world, what typical conversations with his friends are like and his extreme vanity. Some of these pages you are tempted to skip but don't for whatever reason. Overall, this book is very dark, satirical and very entertaining if you have an appreciation for dark comedy. You will hate this book if you are looking for it to satisfy any suspense that has creeped in there or wrap up with a nice, juicy climax and then a solid ending. The movie didn't provide this because the book did not provide this. I feel lucky to have found this book at Goodwill. I am trying to psych myself up again to read it a second time.