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American Son Finale

Reviewing: Marvel Amazing Spiderman #599  |  Rating:
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Ladies and Gentlemen the time has come to witness the gripping conclusion to the American Son Saga. The story picks up right where American Son Part 5 left off with Harry Osborn finally confronting his Dad Norman Osborn and challenging him to a battle of epic proportions writer Joe Kelly again weaves his magic pen on this one the artwork I felt was amazing to keep up and truly bring this epic fight scene to glorious life. While Peter Parker Spiderman struggles to find his bearings Norman and Harry finally resolve their entire father son issues and quite frankly it's about time during a close scene between Harry and Peter (While Norman is catching his breath) and it looks like Harry is about to learn the true identity of Spiderman (Reeds invention has finally worn off now) Harry merely just thanks Spiderman and shuts off all his visor sensors so Sideman's identity remains a secret. The raging battle resumes and Harry ends up spearing Norman through one of the many glass windows at the avenger tower and the battle is quite literally taken outside. In the end Harry has to make the choice between killing his father or leaving him a bloody mess in his wake but due to the wise words of spiderman finally frees himself of the hold his father has on him. This is by far the best Spiderman Story Arch of 2009 and now we wait for the milestone of the 600th issue