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American Standard Colony Soft Kitchen Faucet

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Ever have your kitchen faucet decide it was time to shower you, the walls, ceiling, floor - everywhere? Not a happy event by any means and that's what happened to me this summer when the kitchen faucet decided it was time to let us know the previous owners had not taken care of a problem with the faucet when they should have. The old faucet was literally moving around unsecured due to the fact that water had been leaking around the countertop in that area for probably many years and finally decided it was time to just let go!

We were already considering changing many things in the kitchen including counter top and faucet so while I nursed the poor old faucet along I kept my eye out for a deal I could live with that would replace the old set but would be fine to live with until our custom sink can be made later this year. I could have settled for one of those standard, see through knob type styles that are still in many homes but they are just a little too old school for me - I tend to like things that are "different" or that are sleek looking. So the other evening while we were out on a buying spree for the house, I came across a table at Home Depot that had a number of faucets on clearance. Among them was a box with a rather understated but nice looking kitchen faucet but there was no price to be seen.

In researching this faucet I've learned that they are available on line for $91 and one site has them on sale for $79 but I've found nothing that can beat my superb find! Without even having to ask, the faucet was cheerfully discounted down for me to $25 and with the addition of a promo discount the store was having if you spent over a certain amount this faucet cost me all of $20!! I must have been having an extremely lucky evening because I'd already cashed my sale out without realizing I could get the additional discount. A very observant staff member though was alerted to the fact I'd missed out, when the cashier at the self-checkouts notified him I'd not gotten the discount. He quickly ushered me to the Customer service desk and had my sale voided and recalculated to reduce it even further! To say I was impressed? Definitely - but then this particular Home Depot has great staff, great customer service and awesome prices!

Installation was very simple (or at least my husband made it look that way) and the faucet looks pretty darned good overall and thanks to my husband's "McGiver-ism abilities" the faucet is securely in place and should work well for awhile - no drips, leaks or movement of any kind and in particular - no more impromptu showers!

We've owned American Standard taps before and have never had any problems with them - they wear well, are sturdy and in this case very, very reasonably priced. With all brass construction, a nice chrome finish that is guaranteed to be resistant to scratches or tarnish and with a ceramic disc valve system which guarantees these will remain drip-less for the life of the faucet (I'm very Feng Shui oriented and a dripping faucet in my home is an absolute no-no as it signifies money going down the drain. This purchase should fix that and I'm expecting a good year financially because of it ;) ) - I am extremely pleased with how my little impromptu shopping excursion turned out! Would recommend these to anyone looking for a very economical yet classy way to update a look without breaking the bank. These will do double duty as when the kitchen is redone I'll have these transferred to the laundry room and have the sink down there updated then as well. I love when a deal has a dual purpose ;) Now I just have to shop for a shower head to fit onto this faucet - have to still have that multi-spray attachment somehow only now I know it won't be showering everything but the kitchen sink :)